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Apartments & Hotels
Apartments & Hotels
Modern Apartment Block

Showcase your accommodations on a virtual reality tour.

Include a view of amenities and recreational areas to promote your businesses.


Includes Bed & Breakfast Businesses as well as apartments for rent, Parking lot, and other selling points.


Benefits include: 

  • A virtual tour of the apartment or room with a feeling that you are walking in the space by clicking on hotspots on the floor or wall.

  • Turn left, right, or completely around using your mouse or finger (on a smartphone).

  • Show the amenities offered by the establishment.

  • Tours are available for access 24/7 rain or shine, from anywhere in the world. 

  • Customers can view specific details like rules, times of operations, contact information, etc.  all embedded in the tour. 

  • Click the Benefits of VR link to learn more

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