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Benefits of Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Tours are the next best thing to being there live and in-person.  Customers will be able to visit and revisit your product or service as often as they wish to help them in the decision process.








Modern Home Garage

How does a virtual tour work? 

Imagine walking into a home to look things over, you'll want to check out the family room, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, washroom, patio, garage, and the landscaping around the home.  See the list of Business Users that can benefit from this technology. Your not able to visit your home, or property of interest so a virtual tour will take you into each space, allowing you to turn 360-degrees around as though you were standing in the middle of the room.  You will see round icons on the floor that will carry you there when clicking it with your mouse.

  • Detailed specifications that customers want to know about their included appliances can be included in the virtual reality Tour.  This will ensure that the customer is provided all the details while minimizing note taking and calls to the sellers. 

  • Imagine the kids choosing their rooms via the virtual tour even before setting foot on the property.  That's the power of closing a deal virtually.

    Not only can you view the room virtually,  Perhaps as an option we can include images of the cupboards and drawers open for viewing by simply clicking on information hot spots.


  • Specific views of interest can be captured on your smart device or desktop computer for you to forward or print for your friends and families.

  • How are Honu 360 Virtual Tours Accessed? 

    Virtual Tours are accessed via the InterNet, using a desktop compu[er (Mac or PC), iPad,  Smart Tablet, Android, and Apple phones. 

  • Hyperlinks embedded in a multitude of communication media, i.e,  Text messaging, email, webpages, etc.  The tour can be in bedded into existing websites or at our hosting server for a seamless connection to your website. are not hampered by inclement weather, rain. traffic or flat tires.

  • Virtual Tours are accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  When you think about it a virtual tour is the ultimate advertising tool for your property.  Prospective clients will be able to see your products any time and as often as they wish. 

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